Why your brand needs a voice strategy now — and how you can get it

Consumers are adopting voice technology at record rates — and brands must keep up or risk losing out to competitors. Jared Belsky, CEO of advertising agency 360i, shares how he helps brands utilize voice assistance technology to deliver customer experiences that are actually helpful.

Many brands understand that more and more people are turning to voice assistance. But what they may not appreciate is just how quickly a shift in consumer behavior is happening. Consumer adoption of voice technology has been faster than any product since the smartphone, and we’re expecting to see 91 million people in the U.S. using this technology once a month by 2018, according to eMarketer.

Given the velocity at which this revolution is moving, it’s imperative for brands to begin experimenting in the space now. At 360i, we’ve been guiding organizations through adopting this technology right from the beginning. I’d like to share with you some of the things we’ve learned along the way.

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