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We intricately design conversations for any platform, including Siri, Cortana, Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more.

Custom features for each platform guarantee that the conversation you’ve designed will flow as desired.

A conversational experience is a collective effort. We collaborate with your team during every step of the process ensuring we all stay on the same page and your delivery is to your desired specifications.

Together we — designers, developers, marketers, legal — can add our input to help design the perfect conversation.


We provide a depth of subject matter expertise unknown to other organisations. This expertise covers areas of Data Science, Facial Recognition Technologies and Artificial Intelligence Conversational Voice Search.

Our dedicated team provides you with professional onsite support such as workshops, presentations for board meetings and other professional functions or events, and model development. We also conduct educational presentations including school talks, demonstrations, and much more.

Don’t delay. Chat with us today to discuss how we can provide the exact advisory services necessary to serve your organizational needs.

Consulting Services

Artificial Intelligence Voice Search Consulting Services focuses on your most critical business challenges.

Our team is made up of subject matter experts across technology, strategy, operations, digital transformation data analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence. With this wealth of knowledge available to our clients all in one place, our clients take advantage of our consulting services to get ahead quickly on new projects, add depth of experience to their existing in-house teams, and measure capability and maturity.

Upon choosing our consulting services you can be sure your organisation will move from following the industry leaders to becoming the ‘leader of the pack’.


Voice Search & AI for Real Estate Industry Professionals

Discovering the perfect real estate can be a daunting and draining task. We have tackled and eliminated that problem. We have developed a friendly and knowledgeable AI which provides real-time, convenient access to a treasure trove of real estate data via mobile phones, wearable devices, and smart home devices.

AI Digital Marketing

Gurus, experts, masters, professionals, specialists. They are everywhere and anywhere ready to make bold guarantees only to be more concerned with receiving your money than they are in producing actual results.

We are prepared to offer you more than a word-of-mouth guarantee. Born out of many hours of hard work and research, we have developed our own proprietary tools and algorithms which can be modified to become laser-focused to narrow down the exact customer base you are targeting. We send you the list by e-mail so you can verify yourself that your guarantee has been supplied.

Our organisational confidence in our marketing strategy is so firm, we offer a 100% Guarantee:

AI Chatbot Development

Chatbots are the revolutionary new apps that live in your customers’ favourite messengers, websites or apps. Chatbots provide them with one-on-one communication with your brand without the need of a human representative to man the chats 24/7.
These friendly, smart-talking bots easily integrate into your digital strategy, enrich your business roadmap, and help you enhance customer satisfaction.

Think you may want to see how Chatbots can significantly help improve your organisation’s communication with your clients? Give us a call and we can exchange ideas, recommend a solid strategy and even find the perfect Chatbot developer to fit your needs. Call today and let’s get the conversations started.

AI for Schools End to End

Quality Communication in our schools is key. To improve the communication between schools and the communities they serve, we have developed personable and knowledgeable AI. This AI provides real-time information on canceled classes, holiday, activities and events in and around schools, and news concerning the schools.

Voice Search Media Production

Great video content should be tailor-made for a specific purpose and a specific audience. No matter what story you have to tell, we’ll help you tell it in a way that is distinctively you and your brand. Before any problem can be solved, the problem must be uniquely understood.

This can be a tough task, but this is why we are here for you. Before our brainstorming session, we take a long hard look at what we’re trying to accomplish with the future content. Once goals are established and agreed on, only then can insights that are key to drive results be identified. This step is vital to developing the right ideas for the video itself. After this step in the process, the central focus is put back on your desired audience.

The produced content is not about building our portfolio, it isn’t even about showing how up-to-date on trends and technology your organisation may be. At the end of the day, it’s about the customer and serving their needs. With this important focus on everyone’s mind, it is easier to agree on the one truly good idea: The one that compels your intended audience to take action and choose to take that desired action with your organisation.

In order to drive your audience to action, exceptional planning must take place and great planning leads to great execution. We believe in strict attention to every detail because this type of effort will help identify problems before they actually become a problem. Without this meticulous planning, the entire project can end up being a waste of everyone’s time and money. You can trust us to take care of the details, big and small, so you can have the time to focus on what your organisation does best.

Don’t let just our words convince you. Let us show you what a well-planned, detail rich, audience focused end-product looks like when you choose Voice Search for your media production needs.

Smart Cities End to End SOLUTION

Smart City Voice Search in a Box is a service with pre-packaged systems and solutions, custom configured to suit your needs. This all-in-one system includes built-in reports and analytics as well as built-in adapters with smart and non-smart elements across all the smart city domains. 

  • Voice Search Parking
    In real-time, assist and navigate citizens seeking parking to empty parking lots without the need to drive around looking for carpark space. Save time with the added benefit of saving the environment from unnecessary emissions.
  • Voice Search Traffic Information
    Provide real-time updates to citizens on the traffic, areas of congestion, accidents, and route analysis. In addition, we provide analytics and reporting on incident detections.
  • Voice Search Public Information
    In real-time, assist and navigate citizens to various public interests, various government schemes, services and campaigns. Some examples include information on tours, self-guided walks, public artworks, fountains and monuments, bus stops for Melbourne Visitor Shuttle, public memorials and sculptures. It also marks places of interest, including schools, theatres, health services, sports facilities, places of worship, galleries and museums, and on-demand public transport information.
  • Voice Search Tourist Information
    In real-time, assist and navigate citizens to syringe bin locations, drinking fountains, public BBQ’s, public toilets, playgrounds, dog walking zones, bike sharing locations and other sites and services.
  • Voice Search Safety and Security Information
    In real-time, assist and navigate citizens to evacuation centres, emergency numbers, hospitals and doctors, safety and security alerts - push and pull information, Emergency Response Information, Panic Alerts and Area Safety Score.
  • Voice Search Transport Information
    Provide real-time updates to citizens on public transport information.
  • Voice Search Accessible Information
    In real-time, assist and navigate citizens to Metro Train Stations with Accessibility Information, Tactile Ground Surface Indicator information, Accessible Public toilets, Accessible parking, and Building accessibility.
  • Voice Search Council Information
    This friendly and knowledgeable AI will provide real-time council information, open times, department contacts, retrieve information on-demand, bin collection day, news and events organised by the council, rates and fee information, and building and planning information.


We are always looking for talented people of all backgrounds. 
Join us in bringing revolutionary, enterprise-grade conversational AI to the world – together as partners!

Our team


“Consumers are adopting voice technology at record rates — and brands must keep up or risk losing out to competitors.”

Jared Belsky
CEO of Advertising Agency 360i

“Customers today are impatient, and their standards are unforgiving. Increasingly, consumers expect brands to intuitively know what they need, when they need it, and deliver it instantly. Tackling those challenges has meant rethinking the way our business operates.”

Dennis Maloney
CEO - Domino's

“People are making decisions faster than ever before, and they expect to be able to act on those decisions instantly. People want help in these decision-making moments.”

Dennis Maloney
Unilever - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

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AI assistants are growing more and more popular every single year. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant are all continuing to follow this trend, integrating themselves more neatly and widely into our lives. In fact, in 2017, the number of smartphone users in the US is estimated to have reached 224.3 million users. Nearly one in five US adults has access to a smart speaker which indicates US adults with access to smart assistants has topped 47.3 million users. These huge figures represent a major opportunity to make life better for everyone.

We believe strongly in using artificial intelligence and tapped into universal connectivity, to make cities and communities better integrated to enhance their overall efficiency. 

Our company objective is to provide a focus on allowing the intelligence of Natural-language understanding (NLU) software and AI technical solutions through voice-driven interactions to be the solution to the needs of every city, school, and the real estate industry. 

Our past and current clients seek out and utilize our experience for strategy, planning, proof of concepts and full project implementations of end-to-end solutions. We love solving some of the toughest business challenges organisations face.


About us

Voice Search is the leading conversational search company in Australia and our global reach is expanding. We bring businesses and consumers together through voice-driven interactions on any platform including Siri, Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more.

We deliver Natural-language understanding (NLU) conversational software and AI technical solutions to companies who strive to leverage data and conversational search for elevated business value and to arm their organisation with a competitive-edge.


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